Being Boss Chattanooga Retreat Day 1

Being Boss started as a podcast to support creative entrepreneurs that grew into a movement.  Owners Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon are not only behind the mic but gather their tribe for host in-person events, retreats, and vacations.

Pow Wow Productions followed through on their vision for the Chattanooga Being Boss Retreat.  We took their ideas, created the itinerary, arranged swag, booked accommodations, hosted a happy hour, noshed in a private dining room, and capped the evening on a whiskey tasting tour.

Photos by: Sarah Becker Photography

VenturePOP 2015

VenturePOP 2015 was the inaugural year for VenturePOP.  The one-day conference was held in the co-working space Propeller and funded by an overwhelming response via a Kickstarter Campaign.  Each year continues to grow by leaps and bounds, but this is where it all began.

Photos by: Trevor Mark Photography

Made in Mind: Cooking at Palate

Thanks so much to all of the creatives who made it out to the November Made in Mind Social! With the holidays just around the corner, we thought it would be a great time to learn how to impress your guests in the kitchen, so we partnered up with the talented folks at Palate New Orleans!

They served us delicious butternut squash and goat cheese toast, fall cous cous salad, spiced apple rum fizz and Walker, their Chef de Cuisine, showed us all how to make chocolate truffles. It was a blast and as always SO great meeting new people and seeing all of our creative friends!

Photos by: Trevor Mark Photography

Made in Mind Social: Grove Street Press Letterpress Workshop

Made In Mind is a social gathering of creatives in Louisiana. Our goal is to build a community where everyone can share their passions and encourage each other to keep their creative juices flowing.

At this meet-up, we partnered up with Grove Street Press for a mini Letterpress Workshop!

Photos by: Kaylynn Marie Photography